Chocolate bar with Chufa flour

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In Spain, we came across this handmade chocolate bar! Belonging to 'stone chocolate', ground using stone. Made by a family from Valencia who were making chocolate products before 1870.

The company actually only sells their products at markets and in their museum and do not do anything in terms of exports. We are very proud that ChufaFactory is the only company they do send some to!

Best before November 2024.

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This bar is unique for two reasons:

  • the high content of chufa flour. There is another bar of a German brand in the shops which also contains chufa flour, but in such a small quantity that you hardly taste it. This bar has a high content of chufa flour which gives it an almost savoury texture. What also provides this texture is unique feature 2:
  • the bar belongs to 'stone chocolate'. Cocoa beans are dehulled and then ground with a stone, a 'metate'.

How is the bar made?

1. in a pan with holes, roast cocoa beans until the skin comes off easily.
2. the beans are ground by stones ('metate'), which is how you get cocoa mass.
3. this cocoa mass is melted together with cane sugar to take away the worst bitterness of the cocoa, soy lecithin as an emulsifier and rice flour to thicken the paste (in Valencia, flour used to be added to chocolate milk for the local speciality 'Chocolate a la Taza').

4. in this bar, chufa flour is now added!
5. moulds are filled with the mass and cooled to become firm.

6. once cool, they are packed by hand and ready for sale.

11 reviews for Chocoladereep met Chufameel

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  1. 3 van 5

    Martine (verified owner) -

    nlSouth Holland, Netherlands

    Packaging is beautiful but the chocolate was old/pale out. You have to love this flavour as it has a different taste and texture from regular chocolate. I like it.

  2. 5 van 5

    Christiane (verified owner) -

  3. 5 van 5

    Christiane (verified owner) -


    A special experience in terms of texture and taste! Worth the effort!

  4. 3 van 5

    Myriam Scheppers (verified owner) -

    nlLimburg, Netherlands

  5. 2 van 5

    Corry Bailey (verified owner) -

    nlSouth Holland, Netherlands

    Found the taste of the chocolate disappointing.

  6. 5 van 5

    Veerle (verified owner) -


    addictive... 😉

  7. 5 van 5

    Pauline (verified owner) -

    nlSouth Holland, Netherlands


  8. 4 van 5

    Anonymous (verified owner) -

  9. 3 van 5

    Maureen Dobbelaere (verified owner) -

    beFlanders, Belgium

  10. 5 van 5

    Paulina Rainbow (verified owner) -


  11. 4 van 5

    Jouke (verified owner) -

    nlSouth Holland, Netherlands


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Chocolate bar with Chufa flour
 4,75 including VAT
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