About us

Hello, we are Roxanne and Sander. We came across chufa through a US website at the end of 2014. We became impressed by the positive properties of chufa and after requesting a sample, we were also impressed by its delicious taste!

The product also fits very much into our lifestyle, which is best described as 'clean living'. It goes beyond food alone, it is trying to rid life of chemical, medical, unhealthy and artificial influences as much as possible.

Chufa helps with that too! It is a very pure product with a lot of potential.

We have now been to Spain four times to see how it is grown and processed and to maintain contact with the supplier. Perhaps needless to say, but we also find it very important not to burden nature unnecessarily, which is why almost all our products are organic.

Hopefully we can get as many people excited as we are ourselves about chufa!


Roxanne and Sander