What is a chufa?

A tuber also known as ground almond or tiger nuts. Grows among the roots of a grass species. Has the size of a hazelnut and a delicious sweet taste.

Being a tuber and not a nut, seed, legume or grain, chufa helps you limit your intake of anti-nutrients and omega 6.

Why the chufa?

The relationship between gut flora and health issues is increasingly in the news! Chufa can help your gut flora with both non-fermentable fibre (regular fibre) and fermentable fibre (prebiotic fibre).

The chufa is an allergen-free product and has been eaten for centuries in Africa, Spain and Egypt.

What can you do with it?

* Eat them straight from the bag

* Use them to make the healthy milk drink 'Horchata'

* Bake with the flour anything you are used to: sandwiches, pancakes, muffins, porridge, oliebollen etc.

ChufaFactory - Nature is the factory

After our start in 2015 as ChufaNetherlands, we continued as ChufaFactory for the Netherlands and abroad in 2021.

We value service and have now processed more than 3,100 orders to the satisfaction of more than 700 customers.

We have been suppliers of the best quality chufas and products with the chufa for many years. We have made four trips to Valencia and Alboraya to immerse ourselves in the world of chufa.

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