Organic Chufa flour / Tiger nut flour - 1 kilo

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This organic Chufa flour is made from 100% chufa, not sifted. See also image. For baking or making quick horchata.

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  • tht 28-02-2025

This Chufa flour is 100% ground chufa, the coarsest version of the different types of chufa flour in our range. Chufa flour is the same as tiger nut flour and rich in fibre. It is fibre that acts as a prebiotic, a nutrient for the good gut bacteria.

Great for making biscuits, horchata or raw food balls! Compared to other flours, chufa flour has the advantage of being sweet so you need to add a lot less sugar in recipes. It is a bit drier than other flours (not as dry as coconut flour), it benefits the recipe if you add some extra moisture in the form of apple sauce or puree of pumpkin or parsnip.

See our blog for an article on a comparison between almond flour and chufa flour!

You can very easily delicious biscuits bake with it.

Chufa flour is organic, 'raw', gluten-free and allergen-free. Chufas contain the minerals magnesium and iron and are rich in phosphorus and potassium.

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Dimensions 18 × 14 × 6 cm

22 reviews for Biologisch Chufameel / Tijgernotenmeel – 1 kilo

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Based on 22 reviews
  1. 5 van 5

    Mary-Elle Dijkman (verified owner) -


    I have now discovered since a few months. It is a delicious product. You can make delicious things with it and it's still good for your health. i can't live without it anymore.

  2. 5 van 5

    M. Schnelle (verified owner) -

    nlNorth Holland, Netherlands

    Deliciously vacuum-packed. Small package needed and convenient to store.

  3. 5 van 5

    Lo D. (verified owner) -

    nlNorth Holland, Netherlands

    Delicious pancakes baked with it!

  4. 5 van 5

    Lilianne (verified owner) -


    Very nice to work with! Using this allows me to eat many more things!

  5. 5 van 5

    Marjan V. (verified owner) -


    Lovely flour to bake with in combination with oat flour or buckwheat flour. Also because it is somewhat sweet.

  6. 5 van 5

    Anonymous (verified owner) -


    Very handy for AIP recipes

  7. 5 van 5

    merlin (verified owner) -


  8. 4 van 5

    Rinske (verified owner) -


    For apple pie fine, for a cake the extra fine variety is much tastier.

  9. 5 van 5

    Rinske (verified owner) -


    I can bake delicious biscuits, cake and apple pie from it. Also nice that I can use half less sugar because the flour has a sweet taste! My kids snack on the flour 😉

  10. 5 van 5

    Anja Vd veen (verified owner) -


    Good for the intestines

  11. 4 van 5

    Monique (verified owner) -


    Not yet used

  12. 5 van 5

    Dear (verified owner) -

    The flour gets used well in all kinds of cold and hot applications. Given its rather high price, I often combine it with other flours.

  13. 4 van 5

    Anonymous (verified owner) -

    nlSouth Holland, Netherlands

    Looks good but I have yet to start baking with it

  14. 5 van 5

    G. Young (verified owner) -

    nlSouth Holland, Netherlands

    For biscuits, slightly crumbier!

  15. 5 van 5

    Veerle (verified owner) -


  16. 5 van 5

    Pauline (verified owner) -

    nlSouth Holland, Netherlands

    Tastes good

  17. 5 van 5

    Wendy T. (verified owner) -

    Scones are very tasty, pancakes was too coarse in bite, bit gritty, so next time order the extra fine chufa flour

  18. 5 van 5

    Maureen Dobbelaere (verified owner) -

    beBrussels Capital, Belgium

    Fine and flavourful, for making muffins!

  19. 5 van 5

    Chantal (verified owner) -

    I bake muffins with it. Delicious!

  20. 3 van 5

    Anonymous (verified owner) -


  21. 5 van 5

    pauline (verified owner) -


    Delicious for baking

  22. 5 van 5

    Marjolijn (verified owner) -

    beFlanders, Belgium

    I use instead of almond powder for buckwheat biscuits (provided sugar can be adjusted a bit) and this way I can still eat those delicious biscuits!

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Organic Chufa flour / Tiger nut flour - 1 kilo
 13,50 including VAT
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